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Safe Environment in a Warehouse

Modern businesses are trying to optimize their business and production procedure. Optimization requires making every process that brings product from the factory to the customer be a bit cheaper. This is a very progressive and productive way of thinking. Optimization sometimes can be finding compromises between quality and the price. But, whenever businessmen apply optimization in their business. They must understand that they cannot compromise a safe environment. Safety of your workers and safe environment is one of the main factors of a healthy business. Neglecting such sectors has a price of not just loss of money, but mainly loss of human lives. Especially if we are talking about warehouses, where workers deal with heavy objects.

Ways to create safe environment in warehouse

Establish safety procedures

As a beginning in creating a safe environment, you must firstly create procedures which if done right, cannot lead to any accident. But, when creating such procedures try to make them as simple as possible. Don’t try to create a complex system of safety that is gonna have many steps where it depends on human factors. Thus, create a safety system that does not depend on how people are gonna act in this system, because where there is a person, there is a potential mistake not depending on how professional your workers are.

Additionally look into each step in these procedures. Break them up into simplest actions, and analyze these actions separately. Do not leave any action out. And never forget, a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Never forget about this proverb when creating a safe working environment.

Optimized and safe storage and organization

Safe environment in warehouse organization

Main idea of a good organization is that everything is stacked and is located where it should be. Classify your inventory. You must classify every object in your inventory in a way based on how slow it is to move these objects, or if we put it in another way. Classify your product on their shape and weight. And optimize roads for every class of item in your inventory.

Start implementing slotting strategies, efficient receiving processes. Don’t be afraid to implement management systems. But extra to physical changes, do not forget about mental ones. Train your staff to maintain organization and regularly explain safety procedures to your workers. Your workers must not just know how to maintain a safe working environment. But they must understand that this is the only way work can be done.
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As Russians say, trust but verify

Even after you have a perfect safe work environment, we are not done yet. Murphy Law states: If anything can go wrong, it will. Thus, there must be certain people who will find what can go wrong. Check every action in every procedure, where it can go wrong. And report about everything that can go wrong even if it can go wrong in one time out of a billion.

By the way, when you hire these certain people, you should find the best of the best. These people must not phone this work in. It is not the money that is being put on stakes, but human lives. People who are checking the environment and writing reports, must be as nitpicky as possible. There are no insignificant details in safety.

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