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We consider ourselves a 3.5PL Warehouse, for we provide additional benefits and services, than your typical 3PL. We offer FREE Digital Marketing consulting, and offer product photo & video services for all of our 3PL customers. We believe in helping you accelerate sales, while reducing your bottomline, and increasing revenue. Through fast and efficient delivery, and effective digital marketing, you can drive more sales and build lasting relationships with customers.


If you operate a business that consistently imports and/or exports goods, you are aware of how quickly shipping and logistics costs can add up. Though what if there was a service that could reduce your expenses without compromising quality or timeliness? IPack Delivery offers storage and fulfillment solutions that is 35% less cost than leading competitors, unloads containers at no cost, no shipping services charges, and no hidden fees.


It is no secret that customers have become accustomed to 2-day shipping, and want their goods as quickly as possible. To meet the demand and ensure lasting relationships with customers, it is more important than ever for businesses to offer same-day shipping. Fulfillment is arguably the most important aspect of any eCommerce business, and IPack Delivery is here to ensure fulfillment issues do not get in the way between you and your customers. We Will Pack & Ship Your Goods In One Day!


The state of Kansas is located in the center of the United States, which gives it many advantages when it comes to shipping and delivery. Being centrally located means that goods can be delivered to any other part of the country quickly and easily. This is a huge advantage for businesses in Kansas, as they can get their products to consumers faster than businesses.

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Pick and Pack

It is important to choose a pick-and-pack warehouse with a low damage rate, as this will help to ensure that your products arrive at your customers in the same condition as when they left your distribution center.

Custom Branding and Packaging

Branding is the craft of decorating an object in a particular manner. Customized packaging makes your product unique in many ways. Custom branding will help you ensure that every piece of your product is well-branded...

Kitting assembly and subscription service

Do you want to sell multiple products in a bundle together? We can do that for you. Do you have a subscription service? We plan these orders with you to help lower your costs even more! Depending upon your need...

Returns and Exchanges

When it comes to returns and exchanges, every business has their own process. Here at Returns Management, we process returns daily and place all your returned products in a unique storage area. Every month, quarter..

Personal Service

At our company, we understand that when you need help, you need it now. That's why we provide you with a Dedicated Account Rep that knows you by name and will help see that every one of your needs is met to the finish line.

Inbound Logistics

Aside from being one of the oldest professions, freight forwarding is best known for being one of the most complex. The complexities are due to the wide variety of carriers that are used in conjunction with each other...


Our mission is to provide the fastest fulfillment services in the industry to our customers, and build long-lasting relationships. We strategically optimize our services to ensure that our solutions are cost-effective for our partners. We believe in the power of marketing and storytelling to increase brand awareness for our customers, and offer our consulting services at no cost to help your business scale.


We understand the importance of having operational excellence in eCommerce organizations, this is why we provide the most cost-effective fulfillment solutions and support to ensure your businesses success.

Our vision is to help our partners reduce cost, increase efficiency, and save time in their delivery processes. As industry experts, we continue to improve and optimize automation in our fulfillment center, and maintain the fastest services in industry.


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